Stability or Slavery

OK, OK.  I haven’t been as diligent as I thought I would be at posting here on a regular basis.  But when you can marvel at the simple things in life it’s easy to get distracted and I tell you distracted I was last week.  You see I left Kentucky and went to Arizona to join a bunch of people at the RTR and was absolutely distracted that week.
The time in the desert just living simple so you could simply live was something I really needed at this point. I think there’s a Dan-ism in there somewhere. It was a time that I was  surrounded by people who knew that stability sometimes is spelled the same as slavery.  I have to say it was difficult to come back to the ”slavery” of a regular job just to be able to say that I have ”stability”, whatever that word means it our society today.
When I got back to work and begin to share the adventures and travels I could see that look in their eyes, the desire to be free.  And, yet, the fear of the lack of stability held them as slaves to their current thinking and locked them away. Well gee, I guess I’ve got to go to sleep and try to get enough rest to jump back on the treadmill-of-life in the morning and take care of those things that have to be taken care of before I go to work. Or, do I really?

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