Requested video

From time to time I have someone ask me to post how I do a certain thing or another.
This video is a demonstration of a homemade “woodgas” stove in use.
Now the stove was made out of a couple of coffee cans and another can (refried beans maybe).
The pot rest is made from hardware cloth left over from another project, otherwise can be purchased at any “big box” hardware store.

Having things….

“To have much in life, waste nothing.”

Not your’ resources,  whatever they may be large or small.

Not your’ time,  there is a season for all things and you need to do all things in their season.

Not your creativity,  mind-numbing activities such as watching other peoples imagination played out on a screen doesn’t challenge your’ own, at least read a book for escape.

Not your faith,  I didn’t say religion that’s a whole different topic, believe and act even though it may appear not to be true at that moment.

Not your’ energy, remember just like your time you have life energy that must periodically be renewed. If you use it in a way that does not bring reward you may exceed the level that can be regenerated.

Remember it’s all those little things that add up to create the whole or the hole.
It’s your choice of adding or subtracting the little things that decides hole or whole.
So be safe, get out and go explore the world you live in.

So I’m trying to decide to move the blog from to here or just leave it there.
This seems like a good blog home but, I’m going to post some videos and other things just to try it out.
So here goes…..

So this was a quick video from earlier this year 
while I was in Mississippi.
And when we got to Merriweather Lewis Campground
Layla and I were pretty hungry.  😉

So, I guess I’ll try a few more posts before I make a decision.  Right now gotta get ready to go commit work, not such a happy thing