Reuse an old candle…

Today I’m gonna show you how to get a little extra mileage out of a couple of things you may already have on hand.

An old Scented candle in a can that has been burnt up.

Can be used to create a larger and refillable source of light and heat.


Cut a scrap of corrugated cardboard a little less wide than the can

is tall.  Then roll it up and put in like this.  It works ok

if you have to use more than one piece.

Carefully melt and pour wax from from other old candles into

this cardboard wick.

DISCLAIMER:  If I have to explain the dangers of heating and working with hot wax/paraffin then please go get some “adult” supervision.

There you go.  The cardboard will wick up the wax and eventually the
flame will spread to the entire surface.  This creates much more heat/light than a single candle.  I’ll let you use your’ own imagination to find uses for this.
I have cooked over this, used it as reading light in camp, and yes
even as a heat source. The lid is used to snuff it out.


Refilling is simply drop chunks of other old candles into the burning
can, being careful not to add more than will melt without
overflowing the can. 

Yes, the can does get hot so be careful ! ! !

While this is an easy project, it is very useful.
It meets my multi-use requirement of things to be carried and
takes very little space.
If you consider it in your design you can even put a small
“BIC” lighter in the can.
Please leave a comment or share so I know you stopped by.

AS ALWAYS… “Get out, go adventure, and be safe.”

3 thoughts on “Reuse an old candle…”

  1. I don't usually comment on blogs, I don't need any more accounts to remember. Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog entries and have found them easy to follow and informative. Thanks for doing what you do.


  2. While you're melting wax and making candles it's a good time to waterproof a bunch of matches for emergencies. Just dip a dozen or so kitchen matches into the molten wax, let them sit there long enough to absorb a little, remove them, let them cool and store for emergencies.


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