One More Versatile Food

I recently shared a food idea with some of the folks at a “Get To Gether” of Vandwellers in the Cherokee National Forest.

One of the problems facing folk that live in vehicles is food storage and variety.
Yes, I know beans and rice are easy, light and fairly compact…. and boring.
So what can you pack that will last without refrigeration and yet be versatile enough to mix up the menu??
How about tortillas as a bread substitute?  That’s right those flat round things made of either flour or corn.  The first thing that always pops into everybody’s head is burritos every night, how is that not b-o-r-i-n-g???

Well here’s an idea that’s quick easy and quite tasty (I had testers in the forest).
                                            “Sloppy Joe Roll Ups”

Start by spreading a couple of tablespoons of the ready-to-eat Sloppy Joe sandwich maker on the tortilla.
(I think I found this in Walmart grocery section. While it is a little bit pricey, the convenience of being able to store this for several months is great!)

Next lay a couple of slices of cheese or even sprinkle Parmesan cheese if you have no fresh cheese.  Of course add any other spices or flavoring you choose, but this is simple and very tasty.

 Then roll it all up…

 And then wrap it up.  I roll mine straight with the foil and twist the ends.  I tried rolling diagonally across the foil and that just leaves a flap for the heat to escape.

It’s now ready to put on the grill over a fire!  Turn it frequently and when it gets hot it’s ready.
Another beautiful thing… NO DISHES TO WASH.

What else can you do with the tortillas???
How about roll up some salami, pepperoni or other “packaged” meat slices that don’t require refrigeration?
OR, spread a little butter and cinnamon, roll up, wrap up, and heat up a home made breakfast.
These also make pretty tasty PBJ sandwiches!

The list is only as short as your imagination.

And, I guess if you insist on rice and beans you could really make burritos.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you would please comment on anything you try in a tortilla I would love to hear it.

5 thoughts on “One More Versatile Food”

  1. I went off yeast breads a couple years ago. Went to tortillas. Found the flour ones don't agree with me much and the corn ones I don't really like. But I found a flour/corn mix tortilla somewhere which I loved. Have not been able to find it again. Shell life is much better than yeast breads.


  2. Hi Dan, Wanda and I enjoyed meeting you so much. We learned a lot. We appreciate your openness to share all you know and have with us and everyone else at Lost Creek.
    Like you, I have given this subject a lot of thought and have some experience also. When I was in school, I rented a room from a Lady that would eat just about anything I put in the Fridge. Did some checking at the grocery store, and found out many items are in the refrigerated cases because that is where folks expect to find them, not because they need refrigeration. Among these are cured meats like peperoni, processed cheese food product, as well as many cheeses. I find the individually wrapped slices keep well. Tortillas sold at the dollar stores and elsewhere are often in sections of the store that do not have perishables, and keep a long time for me. Costco (cheap) and many other places have bacon bits that do not need Refrigeration.
    We have started to keep a lot of fruits and vegetables dried and have had success keeping them good for years as long as we dry to the snap dry phase ( snap like a potato chip ). if something starts to get very ripe we dry it and seldom have spoilage disposal.
    We have purchased some freeze dried meats (learned this from the sharing of other van dwellers), but do not know enough about using small amounts and restoring the remainder. Maby sometime we could have a list of foods that you think need refrigeration, but do not.
    The best tip so far for us was how to wash dishes without any water.
    Thanks again for all you and other vandwellers have shared,
    Tom from Alabama


    1. Thanks Tom, I hope to get caught up and start to reply to folks sooner. Still adding posts from my trip to Quartzite. Hope to see you guys at this spring GTG. I’m adding a new dimension to this blog. Check out “Road Noise–Thoughts and Sounds from the road” it is linked to the menu at the top or left side of the page. Safe travels and smooth roads my friend.


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