Linville Falls

From the highest point to a very low point…


From the height of Mount Mitchel to the depth of Linville Caverns the Blue Ridge Parkway really does have it all.

   Today I decided that I would like to visit a cave.  Now anybody that knows me understands that if there is a hole in the ground I gotta know what’s in there.


These caverns are a “live” limestone  cavern.  Which means there is water seeping into the cavern through the limestone.  This is a creek that actually joins up with some of the water flowing out of the cavern.

Let’s go see what’s inside…

But wait, about that sign, there’s actually very few bats in this cave.  The bats are seasonal and hibernate during the cooler months, not July.  We were told that the bat population has been exposed to the White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) and their numbers have fallen to perhaps less than 30 that use these caves.

So what’s almost as good as a bat???DSCN2107

How about a salamander?   As many caves as I’ve been into this is the first one I’ve actually seen.


There were also some trout in the cool cave waters.


Some of the flowstone formations were very unique and colorful.  The blues in this cave could be either from copper sulfate in the water or the mineral cobalt.

From Linville falls we returned to the Blue Ridge Parkway and more beautiful scenery.

This post is about two days behind I’m catching up tonight.  Last night was a  spot with NO service of any kind.  So tonight I elected to try and put together several posts.

Tomorrow, holds new destinations and new paths…

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