Can you stamp my passport..

One of the things I’ve not mentioned on this trip is that I’m filling my “Passport”.    Not with international stamps, but stamps of the treasures right here in America!    You see the National Parks have a program called PASSPORT.    It’s really kinda like the Good Sam map and stickers or, collecting postage stamps.    So, part of my goal was to collect a few stamps along the way.

My Passport Book
You collect “cancellations” or even stamps can be bought for many places.

How many of you collect something?  Would you leave a comment about what you collect?  When you try and live a minimalist life this seemed to make sense.  I can collect memories of places without figuring out what to do with all those spoons and shot glasses.  😉

   So on the way to the Cumberland Gap we stayed one night on the New River…

Layla in the New River
You bet she jumped in as soon as she saw it!

We left here and on the way discovered what helps to control this river…DSCN2214DSCN2216



Trying to control Mother Nature is an important business here in the mountains where spring thaws can bring heavy flooding.

Move the short guard rail and then swing the gate across the highway. Just for scale my van is about 50 yards away.

There were gates like in this picture that can be closed to help direct the river’s flow away from population areas.   Traveling through West Virginia and into Kentucky I saw many things the Army Corps of Engineers have built to help protect the towns from flooding.  The town of Pineville, KY has gates on the west end of town and the east end.DSCN2212

Not only does the dam protect the towns below, it helps produce some beautiful scenes above.


Before I close this post, I want to say that I returned to my home base and found that I truly do have the best landlords ever.  (And not just ’cause they may read the blog)  It’s awfully hard today to find people that are just “good folks”.  So when you do, no matter where you are, tell them.  I met lots of people in the last two weeks and felt good about most of them, and the others I just smiled and went on.

So, now I’ve got to commit work starting Tuesday I hope that you all…

Get out, be safe, and go adventure.

One thought on “Can you stamp my passport..”

  1. Sadly I collect rocks and crystal birds. I will have to give them up someday. (already sold off some of the birds) The rocks I will miss. Maybe I will take pictures of them and carry that if I am lucky enough to get away from sticks and bricks

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