Off the beaten path in search of camping/boondocking sites

comers rock roadsignThey ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie !!!

This road was not “that bad” for the first 3.5 miles, mostly washes along into and across the road.  But, that last half mile had a few pot-holes that rocked the pots and pans.

 comers sign


But we made it and glad we did, this is a great site and obviously far enough off the beaten path it had one other camper.

There were “honor boxes” for the $5 nightly fee.

The site is located in Virgina not very far from the junction of I-77 & I-81 near Wythville.  

Here’s a link to where this is located.!1033&query=sitedetails

We’re gonna review another site I found that was really a great place to stay.  This is Raccon Branch Camp.  Here’s a link… Racoon Branch Campground I don’t have any pictures of the camp to post because I got caught up listening to the music there.  The Lamberts Darrell told me he’s been making fiddles about ten years.  When I asked him what possessed him to go into fiddle-making his only answer was her.  You see about ten years ago when she started playing he bought her a fiddle, then decided he could make one.  Wow, that’s a lot of confidence!  I never realized that the top and the back of these are actually carved out and not somehow bent.DSCN2220

This thing is a work of art.  He starts the top and back with a piece of about 1/2″ thick wood.  Using knives, gouges, and little finger planes shapes the thickness down to about 2.3~2.5 thick.  The edge trim is actually three very thin pieces inlaid in the top.  And the back really highlights the grain.  Isn’t it beautiful?

DSCN2221Before ya go here’s more of the Lamberts…

Thanks for dropping by and leave a comment or two so I know you’ve been here.  Where to tomorrow?…. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

As always…

Get out, be safe, and go adventure.

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