Red River Gorge

OK, Ok.  I know it’s been about a month since I posted any adventures.  Because the last month has been spent doing repairs and making adjustments to my gear.  But we were on the trail this last weekend, rain and all.

I met up with some of “the tribe” for a backpacking trip in Red River Gorge here in Kentucky.  Here’s a few highlights of the trip.  There are not as many pictures as some of our other adventures because we traveled some pretty tough terrain in a short period of time.  However one or two of my favorites…

The suspension bridge was a new experience for Layla.

This should be interesting.
This should be interesting.
Human!    You sure about this?

Layla was low crawling when we first stepped out onto the bridge.






Hey, I got this!
Hey, I got this!










Piece of cake, what’s ahead?



Nice jumpin' rock and swimmin' hole
Nice jumpin’ rock and swimmin’ hole

But, Layla follow him he’s with us…DCIM13[N3781244W08362149T412CD43AH00F601]

Some shots of the rest of the trip.  DSCN2240 DSCN2246

While this was really great fun there is a serious side to this trip.  Visit my FB blog at Dan-Cordray-Readiness-Resources for a serious discussion about heat related illnesses.

And then until next time,  “Get outside, be safe, and go adventure.”



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