Travels to Arizona

Between adding the solar panel to the roof of the van, the sudden cold weather, and driving to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Arizona I have fallen behind.  This is now an attempt to begin to catch up.

First, let me thank you for being patient and coming back.

Next let me tell you about a new venture with this site.  I am adding a Podcast to the site that can be linked as a RSS feed.

This can be followed as audio only or when you follow the link at the top right hand side of the page you will be taken to “Road Noise — Thoughts and Sounds From The Road”.

After stumbling across many interesting and talented people I decided to add this dimension to the blog.  Bear with me as I learn and develop this new addition.

I will post the travels and links to the nearly 4000 miles of adventures that Layla and I have been on in the last two months.

So click on the link at the top next to the search magnifier or under the blogroll in the left sidebar.

So, until the next post, as always….. Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure.

2 thoughts on “Travels to Arizona”

  1. Nice going, Dan! I enjoyed the Indian flute piece. I enjoyed Killing Me Softly, too – nice test. Sorry I missed seeing you in Q at the RTR. My McVansion is still at the “engine hospital” getting its rebuilt heard transplant. I’m hoping I’ll see her again on Monday. Save travels back to KY.



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