Detour off the Bourbon Trail

I admit it I’m easily distracted and require very little excuse to hit the road and explore.  I had set a goal of following the Kentucky Bourbon Trail every weekend until finished.  Well, I failed.  Seems some old school chums wanted to get together and that was all the excuse I needed to flee to Florida. Especially to escape the snow.  2076

So is it no wonder that the mere suggestions of getting together caused me to flee?

On the journey to Florida Layla and I stayed one night at the welcome station just inside the north Tennessee border. When we woke up that morning it was -11 degrees!!

No pets snowNot much danger of us violating that rule!

So on the road to a better place to camp… Ocean PondOceanpond stoveLayla Oceanpond

Now that’s more like how I like to wake up and get the coffee on.

Ocean Pond is a camp within the Osceola National Forest that is quite close to the Olustee  Civil War Battlefield. This site holds special memories for me because my Dad used to bring me here to watch the reenactments of the historic battle. They are still recreating the battle each year at this site, here’s the link again to follow, Olustee Battlefield

What about the gathering?  Well here’s some shots from the fun time we had…

DSCN2890 DSCN2900 DSCN2898 DSCN2894

It’s great to see none of use have changed over the last ?4 years!!!DSCN2889

This was a gathering of the LANDON LIONS, or at least those of us that were in the 9th grade in ’71.  Wow, can somebody check and make sure I got that right???    It really can’t can’t be that long ago!!


The entertainment for the evening was provided by Mike Shackelford.

Mike’s a singer and songwriter that has been performing around the Jacksonville Beach area for many years.  I really enjoyed the way he covered some of the songs of “the day” this group was reveling in.  Click on this link to check out what  a great job he did with one of my favorites.  “You can’t always get what you want.”  I especially like the bluesy harmonica ending.    Thanks Mike for being there and being part of a good time.




It was a great time visiting with folks that some have not seen since graduating high school.  While I’m not really the type to go to all the organized reunions (read that as none), I do suggest that you get together at least once.


The things I think I regret the most are not the things I did in life, but rather the things i didn’t take time to do.  Chances to spend time with old friends, acquaintances, and family are fleeting moments that may not come back around.

After the party was over Layla and I went to visit my cousin and adventure buddy who lives in Sawgrass there in Ponte Verda Beach.sawgrass signIt’s a sight to see those flowers by the sign since I couldn’t even see the ground where we came from.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll take Layla  to the beach like I promised and go investigate the Matanzas National Monument.  I can’t pass up a chance to add another stamp to my passport.

Check back soon!

In the meantime,  Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure.

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6 thoughts on “Detour off the Bourbon Trail”

  1. Love Ocean Pond! What a nice place. Sounds like the gathering was fun, too. I enjoy meeting up and reconnecting with old friends. This lifestyle lends to those opportunities. Glad you escaped some more of the winter fureeeeezzze.


    1. Thanks Shawna for dropping by the blog. I intend to take as many detours as I can ahead, because your right it’s not really a fail. I hope to get back on that trail next weekend. Had to take this one to recover from bad sinus infection, and to catch up some of the travels. 😉


  2. Hope you are feeling better. I am on the mend…finally! This weekend we had a giant bash for my Dad’s 80th…the weather sucked but the show went on and we all had a great time just being together. Hopefully the Lion pride will gather again before too long and we will have another opportunity to connect. Happy Trails!


    1. Thanks for dropping and commenting on the blog. Glad to hear your on the mend, I too have antibiotics on board now and shall live. Glad your birthday bash was a success, I hope there are more. If we meet again next year I’ll certainly try and make it.


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