A sad blog to post…

I hesitated posting this blog, but then realized I might be doing a great disservice to the over three hundred folks that now follow.  Please accept this for what it is.  “A call to action”.  A sad reminder of what I say at the end of each post.  “Be Safe”      Thanks, Dan.

It is sadly ironic that exactly one week after posting the “Get Out, Be Safe, Go adventure” post I find myself helping with a search & rescue effort in the very place I was when I originally posted “Be Safe”.  I had decided to do some work on my Vome (Vehicle hOME) in the forest and I was hoping to go on a day hike with some friends.  so, naturally I went back to Red River Gorge here in Kentucky.  While staying at Koomer Ridge Campground a young man became missing.   Since they were camped across the road from me he had been over several times on Saturday.  While he was pleasant in conversation it was apparent he was a special needs individual.  I point this out as only an observation, no judgement.  On Sunday morning I spoke with one of those folks staying with him and was told he was missing.  And in fact had been gone since Saturday evening.    Folks if someone in your party is missing PLEASE notify the authorities as soon as you confirm they actually are.  That first hour is so critical in establishing and effective search I can not emphasize this enough.  I have been involved in many searches and managed a few searches in the 20+ years with the Fire Service.  They called and immediately resources started pouring in.

Resources poured into the Gorge.
Resources poured into the Gorge.

I identified myself and shared the information I had gathered talking with his relative that morning and volunteered to help.  I was assigned a trail to “clear”, so Layla and I got busy.   The trail had three established overlook view areas.  As I stood there checking to see if the forest debris and lichen on the rock face had been disturbed I realized how often people climb over rails and barriers. These particular overhangs were going to require some rappelling over the edge, or a drone, to absolutely verify.  I could not see the base because they all had a negative camber to their face side.

DO NOT go beyond the barriers out in place, Don’t challenge or dare fate.  One small slip here would have meant a plung of more than 100 feet!

Resources continued to pour in as I was leaving.
Resources continued to pour in as I was leaving.

I had to leave to return to work on Monday.  As of this writing the young man has not been found.  Prayers and thoughts to his family and for his protection.  WLEX Ch18 News

If you have children or individuals with special needs, please remember their’ safety IS your responsibility.  Nature is a great experience for them.  Keep them safe so they can share it with others.


“Get Out, Be Safe, Go Adventure”

6 thoughts on “A sad blog to post…”

  1. So sad that he hasn’t been found, and a good reminder not to wait if someone goes missing, especially those with special needs. This most likely will not have a happy ending. Thank you for posting this good reminder not to wait!


  2. A very sad story, Dan. I’ve heard of others including a woman with Alzheimer’s who wandered from the assisted living facility she resided at. She has never been seen again. That was in the town I lived near, Winchester, VA. I hope this story has a positive outcome.



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