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GOLD! ! !

There’s GOLD in them there hills!!

Ok, maybe it sounds better when a REAL prospector says it.  But nonetheless Brenda and I went prospecting for our own kind of treasure, things we can share with you.

I downloaded a map file for my GPS that showed all the gold mines in Arizona.  Now some of the mines are working “claims”.  In other words someone owns the mine property and has a claim filed with the Bureau of Land Management to extract gold or other valuable ore.  This is important because all of these are private property and the owners do look out for each other.  I’ve learned that there are “claim jumpers” even today.  This was told to me by Steve Hunt, the owner of Gold Eye Mine.  Steve approached us cautiously since we were looking  at what I thought was Kellogg Mine.

I thought this was the Kellog mine I was mistaken.   And just then a fellow rolled up that owned the mine across a small wash from here that was once the Kellogg mine.
Once Steve began to see we were not modern day “claim jumpers” he gave me his card and invited us to take pictures of the the site.  We talked further and he would be willing to give free tours of the site.  Rather than take up his time for just two people, I told him I would put the offer out on social media to come up with a group.  GIVE ME A COMMENT BELOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.  I’m thinking this would be something fun to do during the RTR in January.

Here’s a link to a video Steve has up telling the history of his mine.

We a had a great time visiting the cabins that were still standing (for the most part) and just poking around looking at what a mine would have looked like.

I made a video for YouTube you can see here… https://youtu.be/XtE09BAPkSU

Our exploring earlier in the day took us to the Julian Mine.  I told Brenda we had to locate this one because Julian was the name of one of my favorite uncles.

OK, so we didn’t strike a prospector’s kind of “paydirt” but, we did find our own kind.  For us the treasure is being able to share the travels and adventures with all of you.

“Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure”

Striking out on the road.

We began our full-time road adventure by heading south.  While some folks may ask why south?  Those that know us simply reply it is February.  Which means we are going to dodge the cold and snow.

As we were leaving Kentucky we took a small detour and went to Levi Jackson State Park near London Ky.  I wanted to see the McHargue Mill.

I have a fascination with grist or grinding mills.  Both Brenda and I have mills in our family history.  Cordray, GA was a community built around the grist mill my great grandfather owned.  While Brenda’s family, on her mother’s side, came from Switzerland and started flour mills on the east coast. cord_101a We posted pictures of the McHargue’s mill both on Facebook and Instagram.  If you visit Instagram search for @twentyonefeathers and check my albums on Facebook under Dan Cordray.

We thought we would stop and see the Etowah Indian mounds near Cartersville.DSC_2873However the mounds site was not open that day.  Which led to a walkaround and the discovery of a really nice looking courthouse.

Our travels will be taking on a route through Atlanta where we will visit one of my cousins but also Kennesaw Mountain.

So, just as Gen. Sherman may have said, “On to Atlanta…”

Until next time…

“Get Out, Be Safe, and Go Adventure”


Detour off the Bourbon Trail

I admit it I’m easily distracted and require very little excuse to hit the road and explore.  I had set a goal of following the Kentucky Bourbon Trail every weekend until finished.  Well, I failed.  Seems some old school chums wanted to get together and that was all the excuse I needed to flee to Florida. Especially to escape the snow.  2076

So is it no wonder that the mere suggestions of getting together caused me to flee?

On the journey to Florida Layla and I stayed one night at the welcome station just inside the north Tennessee border. When we woke up that morning it was -11 degrees!!

No pets snowNot much danger of us violating that rule!

So on the road to a better place to camp… Ocean PondOceanpond stoveLayla Oceanpond

Now that’s more like how I like to wake up and get the coffee on.

Ocean Pond is a camp within the Osceola National Forest that is quite close to the Olustee  Civil War Battlefield. This site holds special memories for me because my Dad used to bring me here to watch the reenactments of the historic battle. They are still recreating the battle each year at this site, here’s the link again to follow, Olustee Battlefield

What about the gathering?  Well here’s some shots from the fun time we had…

DSCN2890 DSCN2900 DSCN2898 DSCN2894

It’s great to see none of use have changed over the last ?4 years!!!DSCN2889

This was a gathering of the LANDON LIONS, or at least those of us that were in the 9th grade in ’71.  Wow, can somebody check and make sure I got that right???    It really can’t can’t be that long ago!!


The entertainment for the evening was provided by Mike Shackelford.

Mike’s a singer and songwriter that has been performing around the Jacksonville Beach area for many years.  I really enjoyed the way he covered some of the songs of “the day” this group was reveling in.  Click on this link to check out what  a great job he did with one of my favorites.  “You can’t always get what you want.”  I especially like the bluesy harmonica ending.    Thanks Mike for being there and being part of a good time.




It was a great time visiting with folks that some have not seen since graduating high school.  While I’m not really the type to go to all the organized reunions (read that as none), I do suggest that you get together at least once.


The things I think I regret the most are not the things I did in life, but rather the things i didn’t take time to do.  Chances to spend time with old friends, acquaintances, and family are fleeting moments that may not come back around.

After the party was over Layla and I went to visit my cousin and adventure buddy who lives in Sawgrass there in Ponte Verda Beach.sawgrass signIt’s a sight to see those flowers by the sign since I couldn’t even see the ground where we came from.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll take Layla  to the beach like I promised and go investigate the Matanzas National Monument.  I can’t pass up a chance to add another stamp to my passport.

Check back soon!

In the meantime,  Get out, Be safe, and Go adventure.

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A trek in the desert with friends

This is the day we get to go see Indian petroglyphs and grinding holes thanks to my friend Charlene.


Charlene knew the location of this rock house, the petroglyphs, and the grinding holes we would be seeing. She majored in archaeology and was a lot of fun to go exploring with. She lead this expedition crew into the desert.DSCN2745DSCN2732 DSCN2733

Layla led the way into this cave that was quite possibly a shelter for some family.

After a short climb to a place above the shelter…


DSCN2736We were rewarded with a collection of grinding holes where the Indians would grind their seeds and grains.

DSCN2737Using a round stone in these holes they would break and grind the seeds and grains to make a flour or meal that could then be cooked.   We continued on to a place where messages were left.  Can you understand their meanings?DSCN2755 DSCN2754Here’s a link to a little more information on petroglyphs.  Wkikpedia

Charlene described how the appearance of this section of the desert has changed over a very short time. When the water rushes through the wash it removes soil from the area and deposits the debris it brings from the path it followed.  So the desert landscape is consantly being changed year to year.

Time for a little break before we head back.

DSCN2739I hope you enjoyed our trek.   And once again

Get out, Be safe, Go adventure

Cooking and driving,

As with all trips…  Where do we eat, What do we eat, When do we eat, and in some cases can we AFFORD to eat are questions that always come up.

I decided to post the answer to these questions today because of hearing some of these questions at the RTR in Quartzite.

The easy answer…  Cook your own food as you drive.

My donation to the chili supper was 2lbs of chili meat that was cooked across New Mexico and Arizona.   I did this so that it was ready to go in the pot as soon as I arrived.  Thanks to Peter and others the dinner was a huge hit for more than 75 people attending. DSCN2708

This kicked off the RTR for me personally and the next day when Randy gave such an entertaining and thoughtful invocation quoting Whitman, Thoreau, and of course himself to open one of the morning sessions.


But what about the cooking?     One of the gadgets I use is the Roadpro 12volt slow cooker.Crock pot roast

This is a SantaFe seasoned roast I picked up at Walmart for about $8.  Well it’s half of one, we had already started eating before I grabbed a picture.  This gave me three meals worth of meat. And it was done when I stopped for the night.spaghetti pot

And another easy meal, cook the spaghetti for about 30-45 minutes and then throw in the Sandwich Makers meatballs and sauce.  Since neither of these require refrigeration this is one of the staple foods that stay in my van.IMAG0904

How about some burritos?IMAG0902 Some tortilla wraps, Sandwhich Makers pulled pork, garlic and herb seasoned butter and some shredded cheese make tasty wraps.  Put these in the lunch-box oven and rotate them turn a side down to be browned.  Here’s a link to the oven… Roadpro Lunch Box Oven


Well now you know some of my tricks for meal prep while traveling so as always…

Get out, Be Safe and go adventure.

Until next time, which will be my visit to Montezuma’s Castle, be safe.